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Every Friday and Saturday at 22.30 h. Introduces the Central Asia culture while enjoyes our special and tasty Persian food.

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Persian Cuisine

As is well known, through the food you can meet a culture and we hope to be worthy of representing Persia, Iran. We offer our sincere thanks for visiting. A cordial greeting from the direction of Rincón Persa.

Touradj Shams

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 a 23:30
Monday Close

Yalal ud-Din Rumi

The moon caught the light because it did not run from the night.
The flower got perfume because it understood the spine.

Exquisite Flavors

The cuisine is one of the largest and richest cultural legacies from the humanity.
The Persian cuisine, that feeds from the diversity of their people, offers a huge variety of different delights. The influence of their ancestral culinary tradition, stretching from China and India to the East and all the villages of the Mediterranean coast by the West, bathing them with the most delicate fragrance, and exquisite flavors.

We have the great pleasure to offer the careful preparation of our products for your tasting and for you to know and enjoy the variety of rich colors and flavors of one of the most precious treasures of the ancient Persian culture: its gastronomy.

The Persian cuisine, one of the oldest documented. Two decades ago was found in excavations in Iran a clay tablet with more than 4000 years with one of the most Successful recipes. Read:

“All food must have three essential qualities: good taste, good smell and good color.”

The Persian cuisine is very balanced, no excess of any ingredient is found or missing any. It is a suggestive and attractive cuisine, with flavors and aromas which any body would have problems to get used to.