Finely chopped cucumber and mint mixed with home-made yogurt.
3,90 €

Stemead baby spinach mixed with home-made yogurt, walnuts and raisims.
4,50 €

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs.
4,90 €

Pureed chickpeas, olive oil and sesame seed paste.
4,90 €

Oats soup
Oats, onion, carrots, broth and parsely.
5,90 €

Mirza Ghasemí
Char-grilled eggplant, tomatoes and garlic blended with egg.
5,90 €

Kashk o Badenyún
Fried eggplant, kashk (persian cheese sauce), onion, walnuts and mint oil.
5,90 €

Meat balls with chickpeas, zereshk (barberries) and aromatic herbs.
6,50 €


Salad-e Shirazí
Finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions, mint mixed with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.
3,90 €

Home made yougurt with shallots.
3,90 €

Special Salad
Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, feta cheese with spread olive paste.
6,50 €


Iranian Caviar

POLÓW (speciality rices)

Mahi Polów
Salmon fish with green rice (mixed herbs).
12,90 €

Shirin Polów
Basmati rice with pistachos, almonds, sweet peel of orange, carrots and saffron with chicken.
11,90 €

Zereshk Polów
Basmati rice with barberries and chicken.
11,90 €

Baghali Polów
Green rice with fava beans, dill with lamb in special ancestral sauce.
12,90 €

Meigú Polów
Basmati Rice, Prawns, raisins, aromatic herbs and saffron.
12,90 €

CHELÓW KABAB(served with basmati rice and grilled tomatoes)

Chelów Kabab Koobideh
Two skewers of finely minced beef kabab.
12,50 €

Shish Kabab
One skewer of marined boneless baby lamb with onion and green pepper.
14,50 €

Barg Kabab
One skewer of sirloin beef marinated with special age old recipe.
12,50 €

Chelów Kabab Soltaní
One skewer of sirloin beef (Barg) and one skewer of finely minced beef (koobideh).
19,90 €

(served with saffron basmati rice)

Khoresh Gheymé Badenjún
Chunks of beef, yellow peas (lappeh), aubergines, dried limes (limú amuní), cooked with tomato souce.
10,90 €

Khoreshe Bamieh
Chunks of beef and okra (bamieh) with tomato sauce..
10,90 €

Khoreshe Alú
Chicken, plums, apricots, yellow peas, tomatoe sauce and saffron.
10,90 €

Khoreshe Gheymé
Chunks of beef, yellow peas (lappeh, dried limes (limú amuní), tomato sauce, cinnamon and saffron.
10,90 €

Khoreshe Gorme Sabzi
Chunks of beef, aromatic mixed herbs, red kidney beans and dried limes.
11,50 €

Khoreshe Fesenyún
Crushed walnuts with boneless chicken, cooked in persian pomegranate sauce.
12,50 €

VEGETARIAN MENU (served with basmati rice)

Khormá Malús
Dates, Eggs, Cinnamon and saffron.
9,90 €

Khoreshe Bamieh
Okra and aubergine in a special tomato sauce, served with basmati saffron rice.
10,90 €

Mix of vegetables stew (Fava beans, green bean, aubergine, carrots, spinach, tomatoes and green pepper), served with basmati saffron rice.
10,90 €